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Upgrade Your Current Chevrolet for a New Chevrolet

  • Get More For Your Trade-in
    • We are prepared to pay over market value for your Chevrolet Serviced Vehicle.
  • Get Advanced Technology
    • Our new models are equipped with more advanced technology than ever before from engine performance to dashboard you will stay connected
  • Go Further For Less
    • Improve gas mileage can save you thousands making every day better for you and the environment
  • Save Money Every Month
    • 2 Years No Cost Scheduled Maintenance
    • Better APR’s and financing terms
    • Longer and More Comprehensive Factory Warranty

Tom Bell Chevrolet’s signature Loyalty Upgrade Program is focused on providing premium care for our customers. We have highly trained Managers that are committed to the goal of taking excellent and personal care of you.

There are lot’s of reasons to Upgrade to a Newer vehicle. Whatever your reason a Loyalty Upgrade is a proactive way to stay ahead of the curve with your vehicle.

Reasons to Activate your Loyalty Upgrade program include:

  • Desire to drive a newer model
  • Vehicle value upside down due to mileage overages on your lease
  • Vehicle repairs that may become costly
  • Normal wear and tear such as Tire Replacement or New Brakes
  • Getting the most value from your trade in
  • Vehicle passing warranty expiration dates or mileage
  • Increased cost of driving MPG
  • Increased maintenance cost
  • Plus many more

Benefits of the Loyalty Upgrade program include:

  • Above market value for your vehicle
  • Similar or lower payments
  • Better financing terms
  • Longer and more comprehensive warranty
  • Reduced cost of driving with improved MPG
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Personal Upgrade concierge assistance
  • Updated Safety features in your vehicle
  • Plus many more

This is how the 15-20 minute process works: 

We will have one of our Loyalty Managers Evaluate your current Chevrolet. This can be done anytime including while you are getting your vehicle serviced. Our Loyalty Upgrade Manager will present you with a competitive offer to Upgrade your vehicle. At that time you will be able to preview a New Chevrolet model that better fits your needs. Often the deal is done with no out of pocket cost and no change to your payment. It’s really that easy and fast!

Interested? There’s no obligation whatsoever, so fill out the form below to have one of our Upgrade managers contact you or give us a call at (909)793-2681 for more information.

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