At Tom Bell Chevrolet, we are a Business Elite dealership. This means that we strive to go the extra mile for our businesses, and giving an extra hand in helping them run smoother. We have trained sales consultants that will work with each and every situation to make sure you get the car truck, van, or utility vehicle that fits for your business needs - equipped right to work right.

Our Fleet Specialists are trained and GM Certified in all aspects of fleet sales, ranging from our all-electric vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt and the Spark EV, to Chevrolet's own business-minded Express and City Express vans, to the ever popular Silverado work trucks to handle everyday needs. And the inventory changes all the time.

No matter what profession you're in, you need specialized work vehicles, outstanding service and quality upfits to get the job done right. Plus valuable offers to help you manage your budget. If you need a vehicle that does the job right, and prompt customer service, contact one of our Fleet Specialists at Tom Bell Chevrolet. Click our resources below to help assist you in your business needs.

Your customer service is what drives us to go the extra mile.

What does GM consider Fleet?

A qualifying Fleet is considered by:

Having purchased and registered or leased five (5) or more new cars and/or trucks solely for use in its operation (any combination of manufacturers):

  • during the current or preceding calendar year,
  • during the current or preceding model year, or
  • during the preceding twelve (12)-month period, or
  • that owns or leases fifteen (15) or more cars and trucks.

(Supporting documentation must be retained by the dealer and made available to GM upon request.)

What are the next steps if I do qualify as a fleet?

What if I use/purchase vehicles for my business, but I don't qualify as a Fleet?

We will go the extra mile for your business needs. Contact one of our fleet managers today!

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